Tap System Mechanic 6 to recover failing systems

System Mechanic 6 Mobile Toolkit displays System Status, an Analysis Report and more upon startup

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Recovering failed systems is often the most stressful of IT tasks. Whether users have lost data, registry or system errors are preventing Windows from working properly, a hard drive is experiencing difficulty or parasitic programs are compromising a PC's performance, users' ensuing stress typically results in a harried request for fast recovery.

A wide variety of tools exists for diagnosing and repairing such issues. Iolo's System Mechanic 6 Mobile Toolkit packs four products -- System Mechanic 6, Search and Recover 3, System Shield 2 and Drive Scrubber 2 -- on a single CD-ROM. As covered in an earlier article (System Mechanic 6 Mobile Toolkit simplifies field support), the Mobile Toolkit license enables using the software on multiple systems at various locations without requiring that the software be purchased separately for use at each site. (View TechRepublic's System Mechanic 6 Photo Gallery here).

Repairing systems using System Mechanic 6

When you first start System Mechanic, the program generates a dashboard that includes a series of buttons, system status and an analysis report, among other items.