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The 10 worst technologies in Q2 2006

3. Worst camera surrounding a good idea: Kodak EasyShare One/6MP

The good news is that the Kodak EasyShare One/6MP does Wi-Fi extremely well, so you can e-mail, print and share photos directly from the camera. The bad news is that the camera's image quality, boot-up time, and controls will make you want to stop taking photos altogether. Bad menu navigation, murky backgrounds, purple/pink halos..."Hey Mom, check out these pics I took of Blobby McSmear. Oh wait, that's my newborn baby. And I almost caught a UFO on camera, but I missed it because it took eight seconds for my camera to start up. And here's a picture of me crying uncontrollably while rocking back and forth in the fetal position because of this camera."


By Bill Detwiler

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