The Handheld Museum: A tribute to the early history of handheld gaming

Bandai Terror House - Multi layered Terror

Bandai Akuryo No Yakata or Terror House (1982, LCD, Solar, Model# 16814)
Solar powered double panel LCD game (it has two LCDs on top of each other to enable much more impressive scene changes and possibly 3D like effects). Called Akuryo No Yakata in Japan, Terror House in other parts of the worl. Neat design, I know of these Double-panel games: Airport Panic, Frankenstein (or Mr. Franken), Hikyo Amazon (or Amazone), Terror House (or Akuryo No Yakata), Zaxxon. All but Zaxxon are solar powered games.

** I included this because I thought it addressed the need back then for more dynamic screenplay, and layered lcds were just the thing then. Also I liked it because the name was so clearly an English interpretation of a Japanese/Asian game.

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