The worst tech of 2013

The biggest tech flops of 2013

Based on a lot of client feedback, I compiled a list of what I believe are the most significant tech failures of 2013. Please weigh in with your selections and feedback in the discussion. (Full disclosure: I have been a Linux and open source advocate for almost 20 years. I'm proud to admit I haven't used Windows as a primary desktop OS since the mid '90s.)

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Surface RT

Surface RT is an epic failure on the part of Microsoft. In July, Microsoft announced a $900 million dollar inventory adjustment related to Surface RT. That is a serious loss most other companies wouldn't recover from -- all from a single tablet-based platform that never really had a chance.

From the very beginning, this platform was plagued with bugs, lagging performance, applications that were poor quality, crashes, and memory leaks. Even after the release of Windows 8.1, I still conclude that Surface RT is a rather useless platform. 

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