These cloud-connected devices are totally spying on you (or just letting others do it)

Your phone can't be trusted

Everyone knows that what goes in the cloud doesn't always stay in the cloud, and nowhere is that more obvious or omnipresent than with our phones.

It's not just breaches like "The Fappening" iCloud hack; it's also through the not-always-secure data that all your apps are leeching from you daily. FYI: You give 'em permission in the terms of service you never read.

And as if that weren't scary enough, the military has figured out ways to use a phone's GPS, camera, and other tools to make a 3D map of the phone's location.

Image: iStock

By Jefferson Reid

Jefferson Reid is a writer, author and editor who was worked for NBCUniversal, CBS, AOL, Yahoo! and many others.