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Photos: The world's 25 fastest supercomputers

1. Summit

Summit is housed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), where it aids in research into subjects like material science, cancer, and fusion energy for the US Department of Energy (DoE).

This is the second time the TOP500 list has been topped by Summit, which in June this year became the first US-based supercomputer to head the list since 2012.

The machine has 4,356 nodes, each equipped with two 22-core Power9 CPUs, and six Nvidia Tesla V100 GPUs. Its nodes are linked using a Mellanox dual-rail EDR InfiniBand network.

Processor cores: 2,397,824

Max performance (Linpack benchmark): 143.5PFlop/s

Memory: 2.8PB

Power consumption: 9,783kW

Image: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

By Nick Heath

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