Troubleshoot network problems with PingPlotter

PingPlotter main window

PingPlotter is a lightweight network monitoring and troubleshooting tool. It can run in the background collecting data while you continue to run applications, and then allow you to quickly look at the data in an intuitive graphical format when you experience problems (reduced call quality for VoIP, slowdowns or disconnects with applications).

PingPlotter is great at allowing you to collect data over time to see trends. Version 2.6 features support for TCP traceroute and significant improvements in ability to run as a non-administrative user. PingPlotter includes an all new options dialog and alert e-mail body text that can be customized. You can now enter a time as a "Samples to Include" and PingPlotter will try and calculate how many samples will equal that time period.

The PingPlotter main window starts out with some default addresses you can trace. Take note of the Sampling and Statistics section of the screen. The items are fairly self-explanatory and can be adjusted to modify how often PingPlotter performs traceroutes and to limit how long PingPlotter runs.

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By Scott Lowe

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