TweakVista: The Right Tool for the Job?

First screen after install

New operating systems can be frustrating for even the proudest geek to navigate. Altered keyboard shortcuts and new security features are just a few hurdles that experienced Windows users can expect to find when trying to configure Microsoft Windows Vista. TechRepublic contributor Scott Wolf takes a stab at tweaking his Vista laptop. Will the utility TweakVista prove to be the Right Tool for the Job?

You can download a trial copy of TweakVista from the TechRepublic Software Library.

The install process is routine, with no adware or hidden installers. After installing, this is the first screen you see.

You are given a chance to set a system restore point, in case you find your changes detrimental. This is not a bad idea, considering you're about to adjust and flat-out remove some figurative parts from under your computer's "hood."

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