VitaMem Pro: The Right Tool for the Job?

VitaMem Pro

By: Anthony Sullivan

If you've ever let Windows run for a few days without a reboot, you're sure to have noticed that it can seem sluggish, especially when you first sit down.

The reason for this is that Windows doesn't do a very good job of cleaning memory after it is used. One possible solution to this problem is VitaMem Pro.

VitaMem Pro's developers claim that it helps your computer manage available memory more efficiently. You can download a free trial version of VitaMem Pro from the TechRepublic Software Library.

After you install VitaMem Pro, you might expect to be told that you need to reboot or perhaps for it to load up, but you would be wrong. You must load it for the first time from the Start menu. After it's loaded, you'll see a small icon in your system tray that looks like a cursive 'v' over top a windows logo. Double-click it to see the VitaMem Pro window.