Wild IBM laptop patents: Telescoping screen, pop-up magnifier, and more

Portable computer - Figure 11 (U.S. Patent 6504707)

U.S. Patent number: 6,504,707
Filed: May 11, 2001
Issued: Jan. 7, 2003
Inventors: Hiroaki Agata, Kenshin Yonemochi, Takehiko Noguchi, Hisashi Shima, and John Peter Karidis
Assignee: International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

What type of user did IBM think would want such a strange display? Thanks to Figure 11 we know. As shown here, the designers thought their innovation would make it easier to use a laptop in cramped spaces--such as those found on the seat-back trays on an airplane.

Image taken from U.S. Patent 6,504,707 - Digitized by Google

By Bill Detwiler

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