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Windows 10 Anniversary Update: A look at the major changes heading your way

Microsoft Edge browser extensions and other improvements

Extensions are small programs that can be downloaded to add new functionality to a web browser, and are already found in Chrome and Firefox, among others.

Windows 10's Edge browser will gain support for extensions with the release of the Anniversary Update.

Supported extensions include AdBlock, Evernote, the LastPass password manager, Microsoft Translator, which automatically translates pages into more than 50 different languages, an extension to augment mouse gestures support, and the Reddit Enhancement Suite.

Another extension will allow users to create, edit and view Office files from inside the Edge browser, without having to install Microsoft Office.

Outside of extensions, the Edge browser will allow users to pin tabs for their favorite sites and web apps, so they always have a tab open in the browser.

That said, when using a test build of Windows 10 released to Windows Insiders, I still found Edge to be noticeably slower to load webpages than its competitors.

Image: Nick Heath / TechRepublic

By Nick Heath

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