A Tale of Two Malware Attacks: One Blocked and One Brutal

How bad can it get when malware protection fails? And what can you do about it? CBS Interactive and Symantec are proud to present “A tale of two malware attacks: one blocked and one brutal,” a cautionary tale that explores what goes wrong when users in small and medium-sized business aren’t properly protected.

Join us as we meet Daniel Carter, VP of Finance at Lunagate Industries, a 38-person, up-and-coming contract design firm. Daniel was doing something many small business owners and managers have to do regularly: visiting his bank’s Web site. Unfortunately, Daniel’s computer was not sufficiently protected; malware made its way through Daniel’s browser and onto his computer. The net result: Daniel’s company lost more than half a million dollars and Daniel lost his job.

  • Learn how crimes like this can happen, even when you think your computers are protected sufficiently.
  • Discover how common these crimes are, and learn the sneaky and sophisticated methods criminals use to hide evidence of their infiltration until it’s too late.
  • Explore techniques for preventing attacks from reaching your network and your bank accounts.

Read “A tale of two malware attacks: one blocked and one brutal,” and you’ll be able to take the next steps (which are surprisingly inexpensive) to protect your company from international thieves who use malware to hijack your computers and drain your bank accounts.

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