BancVue Better Prepares Small Banks for Battle Through Virtualization

Provided by: VMW Games
Topic: Cloud
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Feeding resources to millions of bank consumers requires an agile, high-performing IT environment to keep every piece in place and run smoothly 24/7. To maintain uptime and deliver services to a growing number of customers, BancVue needed to virtualize its data center. By switching from Microsoft Hyper-V to the VMware vSphere virtualization platform on the hosted side of its data center, BancVue established a new, virtual infrastructure that supports its heterogeneous IT environment while improving uptime, flexibility and performance. The VMware solution provides the foundation for a private cloud, allowing BancVue to stretch its services and capabilities when it needs to - accommodating more banks, more users and more staff - and to scale these services easily and automatically, based on changes in demand.

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