Case Study: IoT Monetization at Current, powered by GE

As an industry leader in the Internet of Things, Current, powered by GE, has an audacious goal – to deliver “energy as a service” and enable a diverse set of customers from retail to healthcare to government to better understand and proactively manage their energy consumption. To do so, Current needed a platform that could support highly granular rating and billing of power usage while also providing insights into the economics of power consumption.

In this report from MGI research, learn why Current selected goTransverse as its rating and billing vendor to provide the following benefits:

  • Acceleration of the time to market
  • Support of a cloud-first approach
  • A high degree of flexibility, granularity and agility
  • The capability to handle rapidly evolving future needs
  • The ability to extend a scalable, reliable solution for transactional volume, and rating complexities.

Download the full report to learn more about Current’s path to finding the right IoT monetization vendor for its unique Xaas needs.

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