Cisco VXI-Based Office PC Desktop Virtualization 36% Less Electricity Used Office-Wide; Improved Operability, Convenience and Security

NTT Plala Inc. provides a wealth of services, from its Hikari-TV video streaming service to its Plala ISP packages, and also actively pursues a full corporate social responsibility policy. As part of the electricity-saving efforts, the company has a project underway for running internal PCs on virtualized desktops. Cisco VXI was utilized to provide the solution, and implementation was successfully carried out within just a month and a half. The result: 45% less electricity consumed for desktops. Combined with other processes, the office realized a 36% drop in consumption. The company also boosted system security and improved interface usability for its staff. Now they’re seeking to further expand this system, adapting it for a variety of work styles.

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