Cloud Usage in the Financial Services Sector

Banking On The Cloud: Real-World Use, Challenges And Opportunities Across The Banking And Finance Sectors

This survey was created and completed by members of the the Financial Services Stakeholders Platform, a CSA working group whose main objective is to identify and share the challenges, risks and best practices for the development, deployment and management of secure cloud services in
the financial services industry.

The goal of this survey was to analyze the level of adoption of cloud
solutions and requirements from financial institutions’ perspectives
In administering the survey, the Cloud Security Alliance’s intention was to take the temperature of cloud computing in the financial sector and provide guidance to accelerate adoption of secure cloud services.

These takeaways will inform the Financial Services working group and serve as actionable items to address the concerns and opportunities associated with cloud computing and financial services.

This study analyzed the cloud usage of financial institutions across three main areas of interest: security concerns, regulatory requirements, and governance aspects.
These surveys help gauge the maturity of information security technology at various points in the industry, as well as the rate of adoption of security best practices.

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