Conversations on the Future of Business: The Power of Networks Case Study: Five Key Takeaways for Collaboration and Networking Projects

Networking and collaboration offer businesses an incredible opportunity to expand into new markets and to enhance operations. By leveraging the expertise and hard work of employees and partners - and the opinions and inspiration of consumers - businesses can accomplish more than ever, in much less time. In October 2013, Harvard Kennedy School Senior Researcher Zachary Tumin discussed the power of networks and collaboration with ZDNet editor-in-chief Larry Dignan. During that discussion, Tumin offered five key takeaways businesses should consider when initiating or refining collaboration projects.

Download the following case study to learn about the following:

  • Why our connections present tremendous opportunities across every aspect of our lives, business and personal
  • How supply chains will be altered by networking
  • Why Open Data needs to become more "open" for us to fully take advantage of it
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