Conversations on the Future of Business: The Power of Networks Case Study: Five Key Takeaways for Collaboration and Networking Projects

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Topic: Collaboration
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Networking and collaboration offer businesses an incredible opportunity to expand into new markets and to enhance operations. By leveraging the expertise and hard work of employees and partners - and the opinions and inspiration of consumers - businesses can accomplish more than ever, in much less time. In October 2013, Harvard Kennedy School Senior Researcher Zachary Tumin discussed the power of networks and collaboration with ZDNet editor-in-chief Larry Dignan. During that discussion, Tumin offered five key takeaways businesses should consider when initiating or refining collaboration projects.

Download the following case study to learn about the following:
  • Why our connections present tremendous opportunities across every aspect of our lives, business and personal
  • How supply chains will be altered by networking
  • Why Open Data needs to become more "open" for us to fully take advantage of it
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