CX Agility the Path to Customer Loyalty Profitable Business Growth

Businesses across all industries succeed and fail by one key criteria: their ability to create happy customers. Firms that struggle with it risk losing market share to competitors that out innovate them in delivering top-notch customer experiences (CX). Firms with happy customers that don’t keep-up with the changing needs of their clientele also risk falling behind and losing competitive ground. As such, keeping-up with customer needs and wants while delivering effortless experiences across all business departments and through all interaction channels is now a necessity.

Aberdeen’s CX Executive’s Agenda survey observed responses from 405 businesses regarding the key trends and best practices influencing their CX activities. The findings revealed that business leaders struggle with several challenges impacting their ability to create happy and loyal customers.

This report provides an overview of the role of agility in managing CX activities. It highlights: 1. how agility helps firms keep-up with changing customer needs and business conditions, 2. the performance benefits firms achieve through agility and 3. the key building blocks to transform traditional and inefficient CX programs into modern and agile CX programs.

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