GreatSchools: Front-End Engineering Team Gains 3 to 5 More Weeks Per Quarter for Developing New Content

Provided by: Riverbed Technology
Topic: Networking
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With one million page views per day, and traffic nearly doubling in the months before school resumes, GreatSchools puts a great deal of effort into ensuring excellent site performance. Most of that effort previously came from front-end engineering, with three engineers spending about a week per quarter working to keep page load times under 20 seconds. To reduce the amount of time spent hand optimizing content, and ultimately to allow the front-end team to spend more time creating new site functionality, GreatSchools deployed Stingray Traffic Manager 9.0 with Aptimizer. The Aptimizer web content optimization functionality has freed up three to five weeks per quarter for developing new functionality. With faster page downloads, more visitors stay and use the site.

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