Investment Bank Dramatically Boosts Risk Computation With Hosted GPU Cluster

A major investment bank has recently tested the performance of complex risk computations using the PEER 1 Hosting Supercomputing platform and the Xcelerit SDK, an acceleration toolkit which boosts the performance of compute-intensive applications on multi-core CPUs and GPUs. PEER 1 Hosting offers a hosted GPU platform, powered by NVIDIA's Tesla M2050 (Fermi) cards in combination with its robust and wholly-owned 10Gb FastFiber Network that reliably, cost-effectively and quickly distributes data. Xcelerit SDK harnesses the full processing power of multi-core CPUs and GPUs achieving tremendous speedups. Together, PEER 1 Hosting and Xcelerit provide a solution which enables financial organizations to slash the time required for complex computations with large volumes of data by maximizing the power of the clustered GPUs or CPUs.
Provided by: PEER 1 Dedicated Hosting Topic: Banking Date Added: Aug 2015 Format: PDF

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