Machine-to-Machine Technology Roundtable: The CIO Perspective

Objects connected directly to the Internet, dubbed machine-to-machine, or M2M, technology provide a plethora of possibilities for organizations. Machines communicating directly with other machines with minimal human intervention poses exciting possibilities that will change the technology landscape significantly over time.

The most interesting thing about M2M technology is that it sits at the intersection of cloud, big data and mobile. Every use case is going to be dramatically different. Much of the focus has been on putting sensors everywhere to collect and view data, so the idea of smart buildings, self-healing infrastructure, and that type of advancement will become a reality. We’re on the cusp of actually starting to take in all that sensor data and figuring out what to do with it.

CBS Interactive is proud to present “Machine-to-machine technology roundtable: The CIO perspective,” a report detailing commentary from some of the best minds in information technology today on how M2M impacts businesses and technology now, and what we can expect in the future.

  • Learn about the size of the M2M market and how fast our experts expect it to evolve.
  • Discover the strategies major corporations are using to meet the toughest M2M challenges
  • Gain an understanding of the kinds of data to leverage and how to make that access actionable in your organization, and learn which industries are best positioned to reap the benefits of an M2M strategy.

Don’t miss “Machine-to-machine technology roundtable: The CIO Perspective.” This captured conversation will answer many of your burning questions about M2M technology and provide you with ideas to consider when implementing your own M2M strategy.

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