Securing Endpoints Amid New Threats

As IT leaders scan the horizon for the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, many are planning on a new normal with a far higher number of remote workers than ever before.

While many companies and their employees will benefit due to higher productivity and a more flexible work style, a price must be paid in terms of protection. The spike in remote work due to COVID-19 has made defending endpoints more difficult – 84% of IT leaders say protecting a remote workforce is harder. One likely explanation is the 148% increase in ransomware attacks on global organizations amid the pandemic outbreak.

What makes this a sobering statistic is that home office workers rely on email as their primary means of business communication, which has led to a 350% increase in phishing attacks.

The Dell Trusted Devices portfolio embodies such a comprehensive approach. Dell endpoint protection spans the enterprise to include multi-cloud data protection solutions that can be delivered as software-defined and/or appliance-based solutions.

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