SmartGrid “Energy-of-Things” Management Solution Leverages Cloud Technology

Energy “Powerhouses” Siemens and Enel collaborated to create an “Energy-of-things” power management solution using Microsoft Azure. The new solution allowed them to host applications developed in HTML5, JavaScript, Node.js and MongoDB on Linux. The Siemens-Enel co-owned Energy Management System (EMS) integrated energy data and information from sensors to manage smart buildings, electric vehicles and public lighting with renewable energy generation and storage. It debuted to positive reviews at Expo Milano 2015. The solution would have meters and sensor devices sending energy, environmental and other data from the power utility Enel Supervisory Control & DAta Acquisition (SCADA) smart grid to a control system in the cloud that could then report key information to energy decision-makers using mobile devices as well as desktop and laptop PCs.

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