The Big Book of Experimentatio

No matter what data you’ve gathered about your customers’ preferences and
behaviors, they only tell you about past history, not how they will react to new
products, interfaces, user flows or campaigns. Relying on past experience and
intuition simply isn’t enough in today’s business climate. Experimentation platforms
are a must-have, allowing faster, more focused innovation with more control and
greater insight.

Without experimentation, companies can’t innovate; they can only guess. Today’s
experimentation platforms provide a convenient and safe way to test hypotheses in
production, with real users and measurable results, replacing internal opinions and
disputes with actual behavioral data.

Innovators in Retail, Financial Services, Travel, Media, B2B, Nonprofit, Government
and more are seeing big benefits from experimentation. Read more about how
Optimizely is working with customers in all these industries to innovate and

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