The Business Value of Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

Improved cost efficiency, improved application development efficiency, and improved application downtime are major themes related to customer adoption of Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP). In addition, choosing an open source platform as part of a larger developer commitment to open source is also important, especially for organizations moving off of mainframes. Compatibility with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform also factors into adoption decisions.

IDC interviewed organizations that are using JBoss EAP to develop and run various business applications. These study participants explained that they not only have significantly reduced platform costs with JBoss EAP but also are supporting important organizational IT initiatives such as containerization, microservices, and hybrid cloud use. Further, these Red Hat customers have increased the efficacy and value of their application development efforts, which is resulting in more robust, efficient, and functional applications. The result is significant value, which IDC quantifies at an average of $49,911 per 100 users per year over three years ($3.69 million per organization). JBoss EAP has helped the organizations achieve these improvements by:

  • Reducing platform costs by costing significantly less than the organizations’ previous platforms in terms of licensing costs
  • Enabling application development by increasing the number of new applications and features delivered to the business and reducing the duration of development life cycles
  • Improving business results by improving the performance and reliability of business applications and customer-facing services
  • Saving IT staff time by providing a streamlined and reliable platform for running business applications

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