The Ripple Effect of Excellent EX

Organizations must empower, inspire, and enable their employees to serve their customers better. And employees want the best technology, devices, and applications at their fingertips to do so.

As organizations continue their journeys toward digitizing the workplace, the technology environment and the ecosystem play an increasingly important role in employees’ working lives. Employees want to work in an attractive, easy-to-use, and secure environment (78%), prefer a fully tested and supported ecosystem (76%), and are more likely to be focused when the IT department is helping them become more productive.

Employees agree that IT must provide specific devices (76%) and the right apps (75%) to help them complete their everyday tasks. Seventy-three percent report the lack of a mobile device hinders productivity.

Building excellent EX cannot be pinned solely on the variety of devices available and how bleeding-edge they are. EX is inclusive of supporting employees on both a personal and professional level – such as autonomy, flexibility, security, and continuous support.

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