Three Big Public Cloud Security Concerns

As a user of public cloud services, you can deploy your workloads faster than ever. But, with that speed comes some drawbacks, as you still have to keep up with the management and administration these environments, including properly configuring and securing your public cloud infrastructure.

Issues such as servers unintentionally left open to the public, unencrypted datastores, as well as missing or weak authentication leave organizations exposed to significant security risks.

This case study explains three areas of security that many AWS accounts struggle with and often mismanage, and, how to remediate these areas.

It covers how to ensure that both the applications and the public cloud infrastructure on which they run are configured properly and how to know when your cloud infrastructure is configured insecurely. Aqua CSPM covers dozens of services and hundreds of best-practices checks across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud – basically any cloud account, anywhere.

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