Unichem 7424 Antifoulant Eliminates Gas Compressor Fouling

A west Texas gas plant experienced plugging problems creating a pressure drop throughout the plant, restricting gas flow. This plant processed 12 to 14 MMCFD of wet gas with an inlet pressure of 140 psig and an outlet pressure of 85 psig. Analysis of the deposits restricting the flow revealed sulfur, iron sulfide, and hydrocarbons. The BJ Chemical Services' product development team determined that Unichem 7424 antifoulant could successfully treat the system. Unichem 7424 antifoulant was recommended to inhibit this deposition while removing the foulant that was already in place. The problem areas were identified and four injection points were set up.

Provided by: BJ Services Company Topic: Date Added: Nov 2004 Format: PDF

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