When Security Software Fails: Why You Need Proven Protection

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Provided by: Norton by Symantec
Topic: Security
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There are bad days, and then there are really bad days. Do you think that just because your company is small, nobody will want to break into your computer? Do you think that any old security software will keep you safe? Do you believe that — even if you do get hit — it just won't be that bad? Do computer security people simply worry too much?

CBS Interactive and Norton are proud to present "When security software fails: why you need proven protection," a cautionary tale that explores what can go wrong — really, seriously wrong — when malware gets onto a small business computer.

Meet Pam Eberson, owner of a small, three-person publishing company in Worcester, Massachusetts. On Pam's really bad day, she fell victim to a malware attack that suddenly locked up her computer, encrypted her files, and demanded a ransom payment.
  • Learn what criminals do to dupe business owners into clicking on malicious links and downloading malware onto their computers.
  • Explore the tricks and sneaky tactics international crime gangs use to break into, steal from, and hijack computers for their own nefarious purposes.
  • Discover simple and understandable techniques you can use right now to protect your business and your future.
Read "When security software fails: why you need proven protection," and you'll be able to take the next steps (which are surprisingly inexpensive) to protect yourself and your company from unethical and illegal attempts to ruin your day and destroy your business.
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