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  • Effective Real-Time Computing on Linux

    White Papers · Apr 2010 · Provided By Alcatel-Lucent

    In this paper, the authors present an architecture design for supporting real time computing on Linux. This architecture focuses on improving the usability of real time capabilities for applications by providing a unified Application Programming Interface (API). Applications can therefore use it without having to know exactly what the underlying...

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  • Mobilizing Unified Communications and Collaboration in the Dynamic Enterprise

    White Papers · Oct 2009 · Provided By Alcatel-Lucent

    The Alcatel-Lucent mobility solution integrates mobile users into a Dynamic Enterprise communication framework, connecting their knowledge, which results in improved business performance. This solution also saves the Dynamic Enterprise money on mobile communications and increases user productivity because of new communication uses introduced at the mobile worker level. The current...

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  • Hierarchical Multiprocessor CPU Reservations for the Linux Kernel

    White Papers · Jun 2009 · Provided By Alcatel-Lucent

    In this paper, the authors present ongoing work in the development of a scheduling framework that will improve the service guarantees for soft real-time applications deployed on Linux. The scheduler has been designed around the current kernel infrastructure, trying to keep the changes minimal, and basing the scheduling policy on...

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  • A User-Centric Security Approach for the Dynamic Enterprise

    White Papers · Jun 2008 · Provided By Alcatel-Lucent

    With the convergence of Information Technology (IT) and communications and the emergence of innovative technologies, end-user devices and applications, the pace of change in enterprises is accelerating. This acceleration, combined with increasing end-user mobility and more demanding regulatory requirements, makes managing enterprise security risks a considerable challenge. Security solutions must...

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  • The Case for an Enterprise Mobility Strategy

    White Papers · Feb 2008 · Provided By Alcatel-Lucent

    Most enterprises today understand the value proposition of mobility - that it has enormous potential to accelerate business functions and improve organizational agility in ways that are both cost effective and competitively advantageous. Yet corporate uptake of mobility has been almost entirely spontaneous and unsystematic. If the authors' progress toward...

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