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  • Integrate Content & Process

    White Papers · Jun 2019 · Provided By Alfresco Software

    Merging your process and content can transform your organization—putting you that much closer to achieving digital transformation. From making your content generally more useful for customers and employees to having your business run more efficiently, this eBook will uncover practical tips and insights on how to successfully digitize and automate...

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  • Architect for the Cloud with Alfresco

    Ebooks · Jan 2019 · Provided By Alfresco Software

    When it comes to managing content in the cloud, it’s not a question of if, but when, how, and for what use cases. This guide covers some practical considerations for pursuing a successful cloud-based content management strategy, with a focus on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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  • Build-in Information Governance

    Ebooks · Jan 2019 · Provided By Alfresco Software

    With increasing regulations across the globe aimed at protecting personal data and ensuring information is appropriately secured and managed, it is vital to have control of your content and processes. Without suitable security, policy controls and lifecycle processes, your content can be a big liability. Compliance issues, large fines, undermined...

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