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  • SCARE of Secret Ciphers with SPN Structures

    White Papers // Oct 2013 // provided by ANSSI

    Side-Channel Analysis (SCA) is commonly used to recover secret keys involved in the implementation of publicly known cryptographic algorithms. On the other hand, Side-Channel Analysis for Reverse Engineering (SCARE) considers an adversary who aims at recovering the secret design of some cryptographic algorithm from its implementation. Most of previously published ...

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  • New Constructions and Applications of Trapdoor DDH Groups

    White Papers // May 2013 // provided by ANSSI

    Trapdoor Decisional Diffie-Hellman (TDDH) groups, introduced by the researchers (ANTS 2006), are groups where the DDH problem is hard, unless one is in possession of a secret trapdoor which enables solving it efficiently. Despite their intuitively appealing properties, they have found up to now very few cryptographic applications. Moreover, among ...

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  • A Robust and Plaintext-Aware Variant of Signed ElGamal Encryption

    White Papers // Nov 2012 // provided by ANSSI

    Adding a Schnorr signature to ElGamal encryption is a popular proposal aiming at thwarting chosen-ciphertext attacks by rendering the scheme plaintext-aware. However, there is no known security proof for the resulting scheme, at least not in a weaker model than the one obtained by combining the Random Oracle Model (ROM) ...

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  • A Unified Indifferentiability Proof for Permutation- or Block Cipher-Based Hash Functions

    White Papers // Jul 2012 // provided by ANSSI

    In the recent years, several hash constructions have been introduced that aim at achieving enhanced security margins by strengthening the Merkle-Damgard mode. However, their security analysis have been conducted independently and using a variety of proof methodologies. This paper unifies these results by proposing a unique indifferentiability proof that considers ...

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