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  • Bookkeeping Outsourcing: Leading The World To Higher Profits

    White Papers // Apr 2009 // provided by Article Alley

    The reasons why business houses would opt for bookkeeping outsourcing are plenty. A few of them are explained in this paper. First book keeping requires the staff to minutely record all entries and if they are lethargic or bored or absentminded then they could make a mistake of recording a ...

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  • Introduction To Group Interview

    White Papers // Mar 2009 // provided by Article Alley

    Group Interview is also known as Assessment Center. There are usually 6-10 interviewees and two or three interviewers sitting opposite to evaluate the performance of the interviewees. The interview is generally processed in this way: Representation (about 3 minutes, to introduce yourself or your temporary partner), Narration (5 minutes with ...

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  • Job Interview Follow Up - Five Simple Steps To Success

    White Papers // Feb 2009 // provided by Article Alley

    Job interview follow up is a great opportunity to show your enthusiasm and suitability. Most candidates neglect to follow up on their job interviews. Set yourself apart from the competition by following these five easy steps explained in this paper to follow up professionally on your interview. The successful candidate ...

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  • Frequently Asked Job Interview Questions And Answers

    White Papers // Oct 2008 // provided by Article Alley

    It is vital that you have prepared answers for frequently asked questions that you may be asked to answer. Frequently asked job interview questions are used to establish whether or not the job seeker does indeed possess the required skills set and experience relevant to the job vacancy. Familiarise yourself ...

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  • Effective Telemarketing

    White Papers // May 2006 // provided by Article Alley

    Don't attempt to establish the decision maker and then talk to them in one phone call, if you don't know who to speak to them that is a call in its own right. Set yourself a target, say four attempts to get through to the decision maker, if you still ...

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