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  • 8 Reasons to Build Microservices

    White Papers · Apr 2019 · Provided By AWS

    When applications are core to your business, the approach you take to developing apps affects your bottom line. Many organizations are using modern application development best practices to build better apps and microservices are a key component of those efforts. Microservices are an architectural and organizational approach to software development...

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  • The Data-Safe Cloud

    White Papers · Dec 2017 · Provided By AWS

    One of the challenges of moving to the cloud is managing multiple stakeholders in an organization with varying levels of enthusiasm for a cloud adoption journey. Understanding the unique benefits of a secure cloud is the first step towards addressing the concerns of security...

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  • The C-Suite Guide to Shared Responsibility for Cloud Security

    White Papers · Dec 2017 · Provided By AWS

    Shared Responsibility makes a clear distinction between security of the cloud and the security in the cloud. If you think of the cloud as a warehouse that contains your data, we own and control that warehouse. We keep it in a safe location...

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