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  • Blended security threats need a unified response

    White Papers // Jun 2013 // provided by Bloor Research

    Security threats are becoming increasingly complex, sophisticated and targete and no organisation is immune, no matter how small it may be or how large a security staff it can maintain. At the same time, the world is becoming increasingly interactive and collaborative, with real time communication among employees, customers and ...

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  • Enhancing security through a trust-based approach

    White Papers // Jan 2013 // provided by Bloor Research

    Cyberthreats are becoming ever more insidious and affect organisations of all sizes, spanning all industries. In many cases, the organisation will not know that it has been a victim of an attack as today's threats aim to evade traditional, reactive security controls and gain a foothold in the organisation's network ...

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  • What to consider when choosing a SaaS or cloud provider

    White Papers // Jun 2011 // provided by Bloor Research

    The use of Software as a Service (SaaS) offers many benefits for or?ganisations of any size, but is especially beneficial to smaller organisa?tions that lack the budget and resources to manage in-house technology deployments, or for larger, highly distributed organisations with large numbers of mobile workers. Because of the benefits ...

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