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  • Data Centric Development

    White Papers // Mar 2014 // provided by Bright North

    Data centric development is a new methodology for developing websites and mobile applications, dramatically improving business performance, whilst saving clients time and up to 25% of costs compared to traditional methodologies. It is characterized by two main benefits; using data at the start of the development process to better understand ...

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  • Data Storytelling

    White Papers // Feb 2014 // provided by Bright North

    Data visualization has failed, but not because tools like PowerPoint and Excel are inadequate. Businesses fail to gain insight from the huge volumes of data they collect because they do not use data visualization as part of a data storytelling process. Data should not be the beginning of the story. ...

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  • Improve Your Business Performance: Why Meaningful Data is More Important than Big Data

    White Papers // Jun 2013 // provided by Bright North

    Successful business optimization is grounded in understanding. Any business looking to sell more, spend less or build better relationships with customers first needs to understand how their organization really operates. By far the most accurate way of doing that is by analyzing data. Thanks to the prevalence of digital technology ...

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