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  • Recommendations for risk management

    White Papers // Oct 2011 // provided by CA

    As IT infrastructures become more complex, managing who, what, where, when and how IT resources and data are being accessed has never been more important. The IT department has a big job in managing technology, but today's businesses want IT to act more as a service provider ? one that ...

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  • Cloud computing and virtualisation: Why IT automation matters.

    White Papers // Aug 2011 // provided by CA

    IT organisations can obviously see potential benefits from using cloud computing and virtualisation, from cost savings to a flexible infrastructure. But research from UBM TechWeb for CA shows that many IT administrators are struggling to realise this potential without the use of IT services automation. Can you remember why you ...

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  • Establish and automate an end-to-end framework

    White Papers // Aug 2011 // provided by CA

    Despite its many departments and services, an enterprise can still work cohesively if it has a comprehensive process and the linked tools to support it. Good procedures and tools to manage processes can improve an organisation's agility, while also answering the immediate call from internal customers who might find the ...

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  • Innovations in managing IT service quality

    White Papers // Jul 2011 // provided by CA

    The ongoing global economic recession has left no business, budget, or IT organization unscathed. Corporations, forced to do more with fewer resources, are demanding greater economies of scale. That sets expectations that IT organizations will remain lean yet deliver high-quality services and support. This requires IT organizations to develop more ...

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  • How to assure customers of the quality and availability of business services

    White Papers // Jul 2011 // provided by CA

    As IT organisations are increasingly measured by their relationship to revenue, employee productivity and business success, the more they need to visualise, analyse and manage how the components in their IT environment impact business services. Read how CA Service Assurance addresses these key challenges and provides a comprehensive, unified understanding ...

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  • PGi Halves the Time-to-Market for New Products With Cloud Infrastructure Solutions From CA Technologies

    Case Studies // Jun 2011 // provided by CA

    Premier Global Services, Inc. (PGi) is a software and services company delivering real-time virtual meetings, conferencing and collaboration solutions. Their challenge is To maintain its competitive advantage, PGi needs to continuously reinvent its solutions. However, lengthy IT provisioning processes were impacting the time-to-market for new customer offerings. Using CA 3TeraAppLogic ...

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  • Gartner Magic Quadrant for User Provisioning

    White Papers // Mar 2011 // provided by CA

    User-provisioning solutions are maturing in function and capability, and the user-provisioning market continues to consolidate. As some identity and access management (IAM) technologies approach a commoditylike state, the boundaries between core IAM products, such as user provisioning and companion product sets, are blurring. Core provisioning functionalities are similar across most ...

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  • Mainframe Tape: A Technology for the New Millennium (Part 1)

    Webcasts // Oct 2010 // provided by CA

    Tape technology, has been proclaimed a "Legacy technology" over the past decade. However, tape continues to thrive and to deliver value to organizations that use it. This is due to enhancements made to the technology itself in terms of operational performance, capacity and reliability. It also reflects a steady improvement ...

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  • VHV Group Enhances Service Levels for 7.6 Million Policyholders With Integrated IT Service Management

    Case Studies // Feb 2010 // provided by CA

    VHV Group is a company of special insurers located in Hanover. With IT underpinning all core business processes, infrastructure performance and availability are critical to the insurance group's daily operations and maintaining customer service levels. With a complex IT infrastructure, the company wanted to take a service-based approach to IT ...

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