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  • Future of Work: The Disruption Revolution

    White Papers · Mar 2019 · Provided By Canon

    How can we realise the incredible potential that technology can offer — increasing productivity and efficiency, speeding up innovation, and freeing us from routine, mundane and dangerous tasks to do more creative, strategic and interesting work — while also ensuring that those who aren’t prepared for coming disruptions or can’t...

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  • Canon Business Readiness Index - Security Edition 2018

    White Papers · Dec 2018 · Provided By Canon

    Given the landscape of risks, many Australian businesses aren’t concerned enough when it comes to their information security – particularly small businesses. It’s absolutely critical that businesses of all sizes take care to understand their security risks and put measures in place to protect their information, finances and people....

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  • Why Innovation is never efficient but always necessary - Whitepaper

    White Papers · Jul 2018 · Provided By Canon

    Innovation and technology fundamentally change the way we do business. Yet for all its benefits, discovering new processes can be, at times, inefficient.It takes teamwork, a shared vision and a plan to push for improvements.Here are some key ideas from recent research and insights into how Australian businesses are striving...

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  • Canon Business Readiness Index 2018 Innovation Edition

    White Papers · Jun 2018 · Provided By Canon

    The Canon Business Readiness Index on Innovation is a comprehensive study that examines how well Australian businesses are equipped to keep up with the rapidly changing business marketplace. The study, conducted by GfK Australia in April 2018 surveying over 530 senior executives, revealed Australian businesses see innovation as a critical...

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  • Transforming print from Cost Drain to Value Centre

    White Papers · Aug 2015 · Provided By Canon

    Print operations are often a drain on company budgets. Hardware and consumables, plus maintenance and user support, grow more expensive as heterogeneous printer fleets age. In addition, concerns around document security, “trapped” information, and eco-friendly operations are creating a need for alternatives to traditional business printing products. The smartest approach...

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  • Security Awareness Ignorance is not bliss

    White Papers · Aug 2015 · Provided By Canon

    This Tech Roundup provides business readers and IT professionals with objective information on pressing information security issues, and we'll distill several key takeaways to help you stay ahead of cyber threats.

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  • CIOs in a Fast-Changing World

    White Papers · Aug 2015 · Provided By Canon

    This Tech Roundup provides business readers and IT professionals with objective information on information management and IT security risks, and we'll offer you several key takeaways to help you strategise with confidence.

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  • The Importance Of Standardized workflow and training

    White Papers · Aug 2015 · Provided By Canon

    This infographic explains how organisations that don't provide comprehensive training or follow standardised information management processes are setting the stage for unproductive employees and potential compliance violations.

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  • 10 Tips to Boost Productivity

    White Papers · Aug 2015 · Provided By Canon

    This infographic references Canon's research to provide relevant insights for business readers and IT professionals. Canon Europe interviewed 3,800 business professionals in Europe, the Middle East and South Africa to learn where improvements can be made in workflow, employee satisfaction and security in today's increasingly digital workplace.

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  • The Journey To Knowledge Management: Creating An Information Aware Culture

    Videos · Aug 2015 · Provided By Canon

    The participants in this Video Roundtable on Knowledge Management discuss the concept of knowledge management and how it differs from information management, a widely known concept based around the analysis of data, structured and unstructured, stored in and processed by an organisation's IT systems. You will learn about the culture...

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