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  • Webcast: Single Sign-On: Past, Present, and Future

    Videos · Jul 2015 · Provided By Centrify

    Since the invention of the second app, IT has had to implement single sign on to eliminate the hassles of multiple passwords. But can we leverage what we have learned about on-premises SSO to solve today’s cloud and mobile identity challenges? And how can we deploy solutions today that don’t...

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  • Mobile Devices, Wearables and the Future of Identity

    Videos · Jul 2015 · Provided By Centrify

    Today, the very concept of digital identity is under fire. Every week, we read about a new hack, a new attack, a new financial and public relations disaster for a company we previously thought of as rock-solid and well-managed. But when "bad guys" can spoof the identity of someone with...

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  • Samsung KNOX: An Overview for Business Customers

    White Papers · Nov 2013 · Provided By Centrify

    Samsung, the mobile device market leader, has introduced Samsung KNOX™ for its Android-based mobile platforms to satisfy the device management and security needs of business and government customers. This document provides a more detailed overview of the enterprise integration and management features in Samsung KNOX with a focus on its...

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