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  • Sarbanes-Oxley and the Boardroom

    White Papers // Jun 2005 // provided by CFO Publishing

    The paper reveals that Sarbanes-Oxley has had a profound effect on companies whose shares are traded on U.S. exchanges?and few company executives seem to think the changes have been positive ones. There's widespread concern about the cost of compliance: it's too costly, too onerous, has too much red tape, and ...

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  • Workers Worried About Pensions, Survey Reveals

    White Papers // Feb 2002 // provided by CFO Publishing

    American workers now seriously mistrust the safety of their employee retirement accounts. A greater number of respondents with stock-based accounts are more worried about their retirement fortunes than are those who lack such risks. This overall anxiety about equity investments in pension plan is likely to put reforms of company ...

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  • Dear Prudence

    White Papers // Dec 2001 // provided by CFO Publishing

    From the executive summary: ?Offering company stock in employee 401(k) may not always be wise. The issue is a particularly sticky one for CFOs, as it creates a conflict between their fiduciary responsibility to plan participants and their responsibility to other shareholders. After all, restricting stock that was once an ...

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