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  • The State of Offshoring and Nearshoring Capabilities

    White Papers // Oct 2015 // provided by CIKLUM

    In this paper, the authors discuss the state of offshoring and nearshoring capabilities in markets around the world, as well as how these different capabilities interact with one another at this ever-growing global scale. Offshoring and nearshoring have both emerged in the last 30 years as viable alternatives to traditional ...

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  • How to DevOps Your Software Project

    White Papers // Nov 2012 // provided by CIKLUM

    In today's volatile world any business changes and must change in order to meet the rapidly changing market requirements and trends, otherwise it'll start losing customers. Change is needed to ensure one Business Continuity (BC) - the activity one perform in the company to make sure all critical business functions ...

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  • Introduction to Comparative Agile Measurement System (CAMS)

    White Papers // Jun 2012 // provided by CIKLUM

    In its early years Agile was closely associated with small software development teams working in the same room. In 2006 Agile was mainly adopted by companies of up to 20 people in size, and five years later half of all Agile adopters globally were already mid-to large organizations. According to ...

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