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  • Why Lync Makes Life Better

    White Papers // Dec 2013 // provided by Cobweb Solutions Ltd

    Microsoft Lync 2013 has really stepped up its offerings, providing the infrastructure for enterprise IM, video calling, multi-party voice, presence, file transfer, audio, video, web conferencing and PSTN connectivity. Essentially, it turns any PC or Mac into a powerful corporate workstation, streamlining communications across the entire business. Lync provides a ...

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  • The Real Cost of Free Email Services

    White Papers // Jul 2013 // provided by Cobweb Solutions Ltd

    In this paper, the author will be comparing two of the most popular protocols, POP and Microsoft exchange, and begin to build the business case for which one would be best suited to the users' business needs. One of the core misconceptions that will be addressed as part of this ...

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  • Selecting a Business Email Provider

    White Papers // May 2013 // provided by Cobweb Solutions Ltd

    In today's highly competitive business environment, faster and smarter IT operations and corporate processes need to be in place to increase reach, and capitalize on emerging digital markets. Employees need to have access to technology to facilitate speedy, secure, anytime and anywhere communication with customers, suppliers, partners and colleagues. For ...

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