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  • Live Webcast - Spotlight On: Private Cloud Endpoint Backup

    Webcasts · Apr 2013 · Provided By Code 42 Software

    Join us for this LIVE Event on: Tuesday, April 16, 2013 11:00 am PT | 1:00 pm CT Need total control over your data and destiny? Does your IT strategy mandate on-premise or inside-the-firewall solutions? Then a private cloud approach to enterprise endpoint backup might be right for...

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  • The Top Five Epic Fails of Endpoint Backup

    White Papers · Mar 2013 · Provided By Code 42 Software

    Traditional backup protected information stored on servers in data centers, and it was very manageable. But with mobile workers, BYOD and IT consumerization, backup now is an unpredictable, de-centralized environment that needs to protect the data stored on desktops and laptops while supporting an ever-increasing variety of platforms and user...

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  • Five Steps to Worry-Free Endpoint Backup and Data Migration

    White Papers · Mar 2013 · Provided By Code 42 Software

    Many companies still rely on a legacy, platform-specific data backup solution, even though it doesn’t provide consistent backup across the enterprise. This outdated approach becomes especially risky when IT faces a data migration initiative. Organizations risk immense data loss and an expensive, intensive disaster recovery undertaking if they launch a...

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  • Enterprise Backup in the Age of IT Consumerization

    White Papers · Mar 2013 · Provided By Code 42 Software

    While consumerization offers many benefits for both end users and the enterprise in terms of convenience, efficiency and productivity, it presents important challenges for IT departments, especially in terms of endpoint backup and data security. To reap the benefits of consumerization while avoiding security and other pitfalls requires an understanding...

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  • Endpoint Backup: Public or Private?

    Webcasts · Mar 2013 · Provided By Code 42 Software

    Cloud-based enterprise backup solutions offer a plethora of benefits. Yet many companies face an uphill battle when it comes to using cloud-based solutions to secure critical business information. Whether due to data security concerns or strict compliance requirements, a standard, public cloud-based approach isn’t always feasible. But there are ways...

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