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  • Command and Control in the Fifth Domain

    White Papers // Feb 2012 // provided by Command Five Pty

    This paper presents the findings of an extensive investigation into command and control infrastructure used by an Advanced Persistent Threat. Findings include technical details of malicious software, and associated command and control protocols. These findings are drawn upon to identify modus operandi and demonstrate links between a number of major ...

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  • SK Hack by an Advanced Persistent Threat

    White Papers // Sep 2011 // provided by Command Five Pty

    This paper summarises the July 2011 intrusion into SK Communications which culminated in the theft of the personal information of up to 35 million people. It describes the use of a trojaned software update to gain access to the target network, in effect turning a security practice into a vulnerability. ...

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  • Advanced Persistent Threats: A Decade in Review

    White Papers // Jun 2011 // provided by Command Five Pty

    This paper defines the term Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) in the context of cyber threats and cyber attack. It presents a timeline and summary of prominent cyber attacks likely attributable to APTs over the past decade. Commonalities are identified and assessed in the context of the current cyber threat environment. ...

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