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  • Upgrade Your Laptop and Have More Time to be Productive

    White Papers · Nov 2016 · Provided By akamai

    Make your employees happier, increase their performance and reduce IT support costs by upgrading to a Latitude 5470. Dell partnered with Principled Technologies to create three productivity-based workflows to see how quickly the new Dell Latitude E5470 laptop powered by the latest 6th generation Intel® Core™ i5-6300U processor...

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  • A Chromebook Made for Professionals

    White Papers · Sep 2015 · Provided By akamai

    Knowledge workers around the world are moving away from traditional office productivity software and embracing web-based applications for their improved versatility and collaborative benefits. Chrome integrates with Google Apps to deliver email, browsing, video conferencing, presentation tools, spreadsheets, and document creation to millions of users in an elegant and easy...

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