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  • 6 Benefits of Upgrading to Windows 10

    White Papers · Nov 2016 · Provided By akamai

    This paper details the benefits of switching to Windows 10 and the best new features of the new OS for business. Explore the benefits of moving to modern operating systems and get a quick list of actions you can take to ease the way. Intel Inside®. Powerful Productivity Outside....

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  • How The PC Has Evolved To Help Your Organization Become Future-Ready

    Ebooks · Aug 2016 · Provided By akamai

    PCs have been the core productivity tool for organizations for years, but the workforce and technology trends are changing dramatically. With Windows 10, hypermobile employees, and increasing security threats, it’s more critical than ever for IT to understand how the latest PCs have evolved to tackle these challenges. ...

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  • Software Defined Storage Simplified

    White Papers · May 2016 · Provided By akamai

    The need for agility, scalability, and cost savings is driving many organizations to investigate software-defined storage solutions, but they sometimes experience difficulties with SDS in large-scale deployments. Deploying a validated reference architecture is one way to eliminate the guesswork while maximizing cost savings and other benefits. Download this paper...

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  • Old PCs Put Your Business at Risk Intel® Security Paper

    White Papers · May 2016 · Provided By akamai

    With hackers working around the clock to identify the next potential victim, it’s more important than ever for you to prioritize security. And if your business is using PCs even just a few years old, the chances of a successful attack are even greater: Virus protection and other software security...

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