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  • M&A Integration: Fast Or Slow?

    White Papers // Feb 2010 // provided by Deloitte LLP

    Integrating formerly separate entities is the heart of any M&A undertaking. Since an integration plan usually identifies the desired end state early on - why delay the process of getting there? In practice, determining the best pace for an integration isn't that simple, particularly when it comes to managing customers ...

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  • Grocery Gateway Acquisition Accelerates Longo's E-Business Strategy

    Case Studies // Jan 2010 // provided by Deloitte LLP

    This case study looks at the example of a retail corporation and its business on the internet. With the internet, a number of retail companies have able to generate profitable e-business opportunities. This case study considers some pertinent questions related to retail business on the web. For instance, if the ...

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  • Achieving SOX Cost Reductions Through Controls Rationalization

    White Papers // May 2006 // provided by Deloitte LLP

    As financial services organizations move past the initial years of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) corporate governance compliance, they face pressures to reduce compliance costs without compromising the safeguards that their internal control structure provides. This paper will uncover recent SOX trends, including a movement towards controls rationalization and aligning SOX with other ...

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  • 10 Tips for Educating Your Board

    White Papers // Jun 2005 // provided by Deloitte LLP

    Board education is moving to the top of corporate agendas. Some companies seek to satisfy NYSE listing requirements, while others desire to demonstrate good governance to stakeholders. As organizations look for ways to address their educational needs, many are asking questions about how best to provide their directors with the ...

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  • TMT Trends: Predictions, 2005 - A Focus on the Mobile and Wireless Sector

    White Papers // Feb 2005 // provided by Deloitte LLP

    Cellular mobile will remain the dominant mobile and wireless technology in 2005. By the end of the year, there will be nearly 2 billion subscriptions worldwide. The report depicts that as the mobile market approaches saturation, segmentation strategies will become far more important and sophisticated. Services and pricing will increasingly ...

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  • CRM And Value Creation

    Presentations // Oct 2003 // provided by Deloitte LLP

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the strategy that involves active interactions with the customers with a view to analyze their changing tastes and preferences. CRM entails identifying new prospects and retaining them. The sales personnel play a pivotal role in the CRM strategy. They cultivate and nurture strong relationships with ...

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