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  • ESG Research: Tackling Attack Detection and Incident Response

    White Papers // Nov 2016 // provided by Dimension Data

    This report presents an analysis on how security professionals remain busy and challenged by targeted attacks, and highlights a number of issues hindering incident detection processes and effectiveness. Security professionals should assess whether these problems exist within their organisations and, if so, attempt to identify and measure the ramifications. Download ...

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  • Intelligent Endpoint Threat Defense Video

    Videos // Nov 2016 // provided by Dimension Data

    In this video IT Security experts clearly outline Why Traditional Security Fails and explain how to outsmart attackers, drive efficiency, discover and respond faster to IT threats.

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  • Video : A Experts Insider Thoughts on Cybercrime - Brian Hay

    Videos // Nov 2016 // provided by Dimension Data

    The video discusses critical issues in cybercrime such as the state of the threat landscape, challenges to modern organisations, a view of the operations of cyber criminals, the value of cyber intelligence, and the role of legislation. This video analyses the best practices in security for the current era.

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  • Big Data, Big Deal?

    White Papers // Sep 2014 // provided by Dimension Data

    Many commentators have said that big data has the potential to help organisations spot useful trends in, for example, customer purchasing behaviour. This can go a long way toward driving more targeted sales. But much of big data's value has been hyped to levels approaching the unbelievable. In simple terms, ...

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  • Cloud Security: Developing a Secure Cloud Approach

    White Papers // Nov 2013 // provided by Dimension Data

    Businesses are facing IT and data management challenges unlike those they've ever experienced. Big data and the globalization of the business landscape, coupled with increased time-to-market pressures and budget restrictions, have resulted in ad hoc infrastructure build outs and high levels of complexity. This hampers the IT organization's ability to ...

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