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  • Simulation of Overload Control in SiP Server Networks

    White Papers // Apr 2012 // provided by ECMS

    In this paper, the authors investigated a signaling load control mechanism for SIP server networks and developed a corresponding queuing model. The so-called hop-by-hop overload control, known from recent IETF drafts and RFCs, was considered and a similar buffer overload control scheme which was developed for the SS7 signaling link ...

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  • A Comparative Study of Data Center Network Architectures

    White Papers // Oct 2011 // provided by ECMS

    Data Centers (DCs) are experiencing a tremendous growth in the number of hosted servers. Aggregate bandwidth requirement is a major bottleneck to data center performance. New Data Center Network (DCN) architectures are proposed to handle different challenges faced by current DCN architecture. In this paper, the authors have implemented and ...

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  • Multiagent Decision Making for SME Supply Chain Simulation

    White Papers // Apr 2009 // provided by ECMS

    To tackle the complexity and heterogeneity of the networks that integrate Mechatronic SMEs, this paper describes a modelling and simulation solution based on multi-agent system and ArchMDE (Architecture Model Drive Engineering) methodology for supply chain agentification. This research work outlines two main results: conceptualisation and modelling. The first one deals ...

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