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  • A Bad Economy May Benefit Franchises

    White Papers // Nov 2008 // provided by Entrepreneur.com

    With all the negativity making headlines these days, it's difficult sometimes to maintain perspective. Foreclosures at record highs. Nearly a trillion dollars in bailouts. The Dow with record declines. Mass layoffs and unemployment at five-year highs. Reading Dickens - it was the best of times, it was the worst of ...

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  • Put Your Best Foot Forward

    White Papers // Apr 2006 // provided by Entrepreneur.com

    A person's logo is the very first image customers associate with the business, so the person will want it to hit the right note. To get the skinny on choosing a killer image, the authors' went to Bruce Lowry, founder of Summitsoft and creator of the company's Logo Design Studio ...

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  • Speak Up

    White Papers // Sep 2004 // provided by Entrepreneur.com

    Of course, there are plenty of reasons not to like negotiating. It can be alternately petty, time-consuming, confrontational, impossibly difficult and aggravating (to name a few). What matters most, however, is why you don't like to negotiate. Some people feel it's degrading, like they're begging the other side for scraps. ...

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  • Hangin' Tough: How To Beef Up Your Negotiating Game

    White Papers // Aug 2004 // provided by Entrepreneur.com

    Just as strong is the word we often use to describe good coffee, tough is the word we often use to describe good negotiators. There's a definite advantage to being known this way; it immediately reduces your opponent's expectations. Some may soften, others will try harder; but in this competitive ...

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  • How to Get Editors to Read Your Press Releases

    White Papers // Dec 2003 // provided by Entrepreneur.com

    The purpose of publicity is to inform the public about news, events, people and things of that nature, not to tell a story. Editors and reporters are sensitive to what the reader wants to read. Since a significant portion of news in a news publication comes from press releases, editors ...

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  • How to Make the Most of a Business Event

    White Papers // Sep 2003 // provided by Entrepreneur.com

    Hosting an event for one's business or at one's business can be the equivalent to getting an article published in a targeted publication. The focus is what makes it so effective. The event can take the form of an open house, a ribbon-cutting ceremony, a seminar or a guest appearance ...

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  • What Do Editors Look For?

    White Papers // Jan 2002 // provided by Entrepreneur.com

    Not all magazines are looking for news stories. Some magazines prefer to examine case studies, though their writers do them in their own way. Most importantly, know the magazine. Although editors admit it's not something that can be easily explained, all too often they receive irrelevant pitches that don't relate ...

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